Baha Mar, Nassau: Swimming with the Pigs

Grand Hyatt Baha Mar Review

This past spring, my husband and I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to the Bahamas because of his profession within the medical industry having their annual spring meeting there. (Cool perks of being a plus one, am I right?) We stayed at the brand new Grand Hyatt Baha Mar, which is a beach resort located specifically on Cable Beach in Nassau. From the airport, it is only about 20 minutes, max, away and from the moment you see the spectacular entrance, you are then swept away by the amazing magnitude of everything! There were beautiful cascading waterfalls on either side of you in the entryway, with a large aquarium right behind the check-in counter. With hosts waiting at check-in, they truly make you feel like a VIP right from the moment you step onto their resort.

For being such a brand new location right at beachfront, the price range can be very family friendly, depending on the time of year, being around $250 a night, and even though this may be pricy to some, for others this can be a huge discount from what other resorts can be. Every room is equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows with a mini balcony that you are able to enjoy views of the ocean, island, or their fountain show. This is a very different atmosphere than what Atlantis is like as on property they have “stunning golf and tennis facilities, six pools, water sports like snorkeling and kayaking, and a unique wildlife sanctuary.” For those that are more of the inside type, within Baha Mar, there is the largest casino in the Caribbean featuring 100,000 square feet of world-class gaming entertainment.” Baha Mar also provides amenities for those to relax with an ultimate spa with more than 24 private rooms with a wide array of treatments enabling you to experience your vacation both mentally and spiritually. Even though you are at their beach, living your best life, there are multiple dining options that range from a food-truck type feel, to having to pedal for your adult margarita, or even having a dress code for dinner all while still getting that Bahamian culture.

I would personally recommend The Swimming Pig as that is an area that the Bahamas are known for, and this laid-back pub offers “burgers, sandwiches, and island classics, accompanied by full bar with dozens of local and international beers on tap.”

I cannot speak enough about the praise that I would offer the staff at Baha Mar. You can constantly see a staff member walking around either working on the grounds, offering towels, cleaning the restrooms, or even just stationed there to make your experience as thoughtless as possible.


  1. Nassau Straw Market:  If you are one that likes to bargain and is willing to spend hours looking at the same things for cheaper prices, then this is the place for you! Vendors are located in an old open-air market warehouse type facility and they are all there to make you buy what they are offering. I am one that buys the things that end up cluttering a home, and honestly felt very overwhelmed with it all. They all mostly sell the same things, just with different variations, and I am terrible at negotiating prices. I ended up finding a simple souvenir store nearby to buy my magnets!
  2.  Blue Lagoon Island: A local tourist attraction that brought my paddleboard dreams to life! They offer many different attractions for all ages from giant bounce houses in the ocean, to giant jenga in the sand. You are able to rent paddleboards, paddleboats, jet skis, kayaks, canoes; this place is just a great tourist attraction. Downfall… only one main bathroom area!
  3. Swimming with the Pigs! Saved the best for last. Through Baha Mar, we booked a day excursion with a company named Exuma Escapes that made for quite an eventful day! What I originally thought was just for swimming with the infamous pigs, turned in to my craziest fears! (Don’t worry, happy ending) The day turned into three main categories, iguanas, sharks, pigs. First, the island with the iguanas. We pull our boat onto this offshore 1 hour away island, to which was inhabited by iguanas! Little did we know that we were able to feed them with pieces of bread and skewers! These little jokers would come right to you like little puppies, take your bread, and then run away! It was so cute in a frightful type way. They were ultimately harmless and one of my favorite parts! Second, we swam with JAWS! Not really, but we did swim with nursing sharks. If you know me, I am actually afraid of fish… I do not like to touch them, eat them, let alone see them! Yet, I SWAM with these blissful creatures. I conquered my fear for one touch on this shark and they actually feel just like leather and not the rubber touch I was expecting. Finally yet importantly on our island hopping adventure, we swam with pigs! It is just what it sounds like. This other island was inhabited with pigs that you are able to swim with and take pictures of. Some of them range in pounds from 20-500! You are able to feed them bread or splash those in the face to get them to swim away from you, but be careful…these piggies will bite!

*Bathing suit is from Walmart!*

Some information in this post was taken directly from Baha Mar’s website. Photos are all of my own!

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